1. Repair of facilities from groundwater.

1.1. .Repair of concrete structures.

1.2. .Repair of structures of brick or blocks.

1.3. .Repair of of dilatation (joint).

1.4. .Repair of of damaged surfaces.

1.1. Concrete structures

1.1.1. Injection
- Polyurethane resin (PUR) for sealing and closure of wet and water ridden cracks.
- Polyurethane resin (PUR) infused into injection hoses for sealing off operational dilatation.
- PUR foam resin for instant sealing off of cracks, segregated concrete and similar water inflow.
- Epoxy resin (EP) for fast static closure of dry and wet cracks as well as pre-stressed concrete structures.
- Injection gel for sealing off large water inflow into segregated or otherwise damaged concrete.

1.2. Brick and stone structures

1.2.1. Injection
- Micro-cements for sealing and closure of dry and wet cracks.
- Cement grout for sealing cavities in masonry structures.
- PUR resin for additional horizontal insulation of capillary moisture in brick and
stone walls.
- Silicon material for additional insulation of capillary moisture in walls.
- Injection gel for filling in cavities in walls, insulation of an area in contact with moist ground and as silicon material support in moist walls made of mixed material.

1.3. Dilatation( expansion)

1.3.1. Injection
- Injection gel infused in area of dilatation permanently replaces water and as an permanently flexi-plastic compound enables undisturbed dilatation functioning, preventing any water inflow through damaged dilatation areas.

1.3.2. Infusion
- Flexi-plastic material for filling horizontal and vertical dilatations with high chemical resistance.

1.4. Damaged areas

1.4.1. Injection
- Geo textile membrane for groundwater protection of surfaces that follow the installation of concrete constructions.
- Flexible bituminous multilayer coatings for the protection of underground walls from underground water.
- Flexible polymer multi-layer coating for water tank protection.

- Polymer Concrete for repairing damaged areas of concrete structures and associated             corrosion of armature.

2. Design and consulting related to groundwater problems during the construction of new building structures.

2.1. Designing  of execution details regarding ground water problems.

2.2. Supply and installation of the designed systems to protect new  structures from ground water.

2.3. Expert supervision in the execution of the designed details.