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EURAS TECHNOLOGY is professionall applying of the most advanced and updated technologies prescribed by the manufacturers of related products. All our works are covered by adequate warranty for both materials and labor.

In most cases the first step is opening of injecting holes within the zone of damage. Number and position of holes is determined for each object separately, depending on the size of demage and the nature of substrate.
The gel is injected under pressure of 50 to 100 bars through the operational nozzle in the direction of the inflow of water into the object. The injecting lasts until all the water is extracted out through the control nozzles and is being replaced by the flow of gel.

The injected gel increases it's volume in contact with water, absorbing it partly. It keeps its elastic state and prevents possible new underground water penentrations. The gel is very consistent, it shows no signs of fatigue during time.
The Euras Technology gel enables permanent and complete elimination of water from the affected area.

Euras Technology also offers other methods of solving problems regarding penentration of water such as injecting the filtering ramps, applying polyuretane resins and/or foam or epoxy and micro-cementous materials when dealing with delicate static stability situations.
Pre-intervention and post-intervention services are also available, like technology of drying floor and wall surfaces, repairs of construction and concrete elements, etc.
Euras Technology is always available to work on details regarding the contractors project documentation in the field of waterproofing and to offer guaranteed technical solutions.